Avid Traveler Kathy Petrino Recommends Touring the Low Desert

June 15, 2018
Everyone who has read her blog know Kathy Petrino is a happy traveler who is very prolific when it comes to writing about her voyages. She has a desire to see as much of the world as possible during her lifetime, and she really wants others to read and learn about her travels, so they can enjoy the fun and miss the pitfalls. Kathy has a strong desire to share everything she experiences because the more people visit these places, the better it is for other travelers.

Kathy Petrino has many favorite destinations, but one of the best, from her perspective, is the Coachella Valley, located in the California Low Desert. It’s not as popular as it was in the 1950s and 1960s, when the Rat Pack rant the region and had a lot of influence, the nostalgic vibe transports travelers to a simpler time. The Low Desert region features many fully-restored hotels and rental homes that will take you right back to that era, and you’ll practically hear Frank, Dean and Sammy come to life again. There is also the Coachella Music Festival, and other features that turn the area into a veritable paradise for hikers and rock climbers, including Joshua Tree National Park and Salvation Mountain.

Going to Texas Wine Country, with Travel Blogger Kathy Petrino

April 25, 2018
It is obvious to anyone who knows her, or even just reads her writing, but everyone should know that Kathy Petrino is an enthusiastic traveler. However, in addition to simply traveling everywhere, based on her desire to see as much of the world as possible during her time here, Kathy loves to write about everything she sees and to post it all on her travel blog for everyone else to see, as well. Kathy’s writing penchant comes out of her burning desire to share, and to make it possible for everyone to have the same great experiences she has.

Just as importantly, Kathy Petrino also wants others to travel to the same places to keep them in business and thriving. Also, by writing about all her experiences, other travelers avoid the pitfalls. One of her favorite destinations of all time involve her trips to Texas Wine Country. Kathy is well aware that people who are into wine don’t always think of Texas as a top wine destination, but the Lone Star State has been doing quite a bit to improve its reputation in that area.

The Hill Country of Texas is suddenly growing some of the best grapes in the country and dozens of wineries are producing some of the best varietals in the U.S. outside of the West Coast. Kathy thinks you should travel along the Wine Road 290, where you will find a wide range of wines available, including many Malbecs, Cabernets and Tempranillos. There are hundreds of state-of-the-art tasting rooms in which to enjoy them. As usual for Texas, there are many big music and wine events all over Hill Country, some of which combine great Texas barbecue brisket with country and rockabilly music to lift your spirits. Two of the best are the Dripping Springs Wine and Food Festival and the Kerrville Folk Festival.

Kathy Petrino says, “Say ‘Yes’ to Santorini’”

March 25, 2018
Known for its whitewashed homes along the Aegean Sea -- often seen in photos and films -- Santorini, Greece, offers visitors an island escape in a city known for agriculture as well as tourism. Blogger, writer and avid travel Kathy Petrino has long been interested in this Greek island, seemingly straight from a postcard, but primarily rebuilt out of volcanic devastation in 16th century B.C. and known for Mediterranean food and wine. Santorini is among the Cyclades Islands with beaches of black, white and red lava pebbles, yet cliffs that overlook the sea. Set foot along the black sands of Kamari Beach or the crimson shoreline of Red Beach in Santorini, an island with a still-active volcano, before enjoying the beautiful Greek culture loved by Petrino and others.

California’s Low Desert is. Great Travel Destination, to Kathy Petrino

December 19, 2017
Those who have paid attention know that Kathy Petrino is a very prolific traveler who loves most of her travels. Best of all, she likes to share everything by writing about it all on her blog, which is of great benefit to everyone. Kathy Petrino’s strong desire to share everything she experiences, so that others can experience what she has and also miss some of the pitfalls of travel that happen to everyone. While Kathy thinks of herself as something of an explorer who treats every destination as a new discovery, she has many favorite destinations, like Southern California’s Coachella Valley, which is located in the middle of the Low Desert in that state.

And whereas the California Low Desert isn’t nearly as popular as it was when the Rat Pack ruled the area in the 1950s and 1960s, there is still plenty to recommend about the place, like the nostalgia that has seeped into then entire area. Those who spend time in the Low Desert will feel like they’ve gone back in time, when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. ruled Palm Springs, the center hub of the region and the largest town in the Coachella Valley. The entire area features many fully-restored hotels and rental homes that will take you back to the post-War 20th Century.

There are also numerous festivals in the Low Desert that celebrate the old days, and many vintage stores will help you feel as if you fit right in. The Coachella Music Festival is one of the best in the country, for example. And besides the Palm Springs Aerial Tram, there are the lunar landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park, which is very close by, as well as Salvation Mountain.

Kathy Petrino Suggests you Visit Asheville, North Carolina

September 21, 2017
There are many reasons Kathy Petrino has a penchant for writing about her favorite travel destinations. She absolutely intends to see everything worth seeing in this world and she loves to share with everyone else. Kathy writes enthusiastically about every trip she takes and she wants to see those destinations thrive by making sure others visit and enjoy them as much as she did. Kathy Petrino writes about every aspect of every trip because she wants to make sure readers avoid the occasional pitfalls that come with travel anywhere.

For example, Kathy Petrino would love for everyone who reads her to visit the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina. Kathy truly sees Asheville as one the most innovative and eclectic small cities in the United States and it has slowly crawled its way into the national spotlight. Asheville is a great city for arts, with more than 200 different artists showing off their work in their River Arts District, which is known as one of the most diverse arts districts anywhere.

Creative people have other outlets for their work, as Asheville is known for the great food in their restaurant district, with a great many award-winning chefs - far more than can be found in most cities of roughly the same size. The variety of food also pair nicely with the hundreds of craft beers that are served up by breweries all over the city. When you’re not eating and drinking, Kathy Petrino wants you to know there are many other things to do, especially around the French Broad River, which offers a number of activities, such as paddle boating or kayaking, and the Blue Ridge Mountains, if one wants to go hiking or exploring the wilderness.